Death was only the beginning…

You remember death. Your death. Thats just how it is these days. You’re not dead of course. No far from it, but you see it everyday. That thing that brought you back from the threshold, the bargain it offered, the one you accepted? Yeah, life is different now. You can see ghosts, they can see you, they can beg you, plead with you for help, or lash out at you fro not doing your part. Well that “thing” never said it was fair, but life was never fair. Otherwise you wouldn’t have died in the firstplace. Now you sheperd the dead onward, or maybe use them for your own gain, or even just try to find someone that understands you, I mean, they died too right? There are others like you, other things that brought them back. They work in groups, they sheperd the dead, they keep them from the living. THey arn’t always friendly, and some are downright crazy. Then theres the great below, that dark abyss, you know, the underworld. But what the hell does it mean? Why are there ghosts? Why is there an underworld? What are these “things,” these Geists that brought you all back from the brink? But most of all, what are you going to do with a second lease on life?

Memento Mori

Lightshy purplebabe85